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Why Trust Imagecare Dental with Your Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Dr Thompson is a sustaining  member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • He has completed over 50,000 Cosmetic Dental restorations
  • He is a Level 4 Graduate of the OBI foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry
  • Dr Thompson  is a Master Dentist and has earned his mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry
  • We listen to you to find out what you desire for your smile
  • Free Cosmetic Imaging
  • Developed  the “Eight Essentials for World Class Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Author of “Get Your Smile On”
  • We use the best Ceramist in the country to artistically create your restorations
  • Created the Imagecare Self Smile Analysis to determine your need for cosmetic dentistry
General and Cosmetic Toothcare

Veneers Feel Natural & Look Great

Any dentist who has graduated from a dental school can call him or herself a “Cosmetic” Dentist. In other words, dentists don’t have to any special training in Cosmetic Dentistry in order to call themselves “Cosmetic Dentists.”

But! There ARE dentists out there who have been trained specifically in cosmetic procedures.

Our Plano Cosmetic Dentists have the credentials
and experience to transform your smile.


Beautiful, Straight Teeth Without Braces!

With over ten years in traditional orthodontics and four years experience of advanced training in occlusion (bite), we are able to be much more precise in prescribing a program that corrects esthetics but also the function of your smile. At Imagecare Dental we have performed over 50,000 cosmetic procedures and received advanced training in TMJ and bite correction.

plano invisalign dentist

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Are You Considering a Dental Implant?

When permanent teeth are lost, regardless of the reason or number of teeth, dental implants can offer a “new lease on life”.  They are superior to other choices because they are solid, secure, and esthetic.

Implanted teeth offer PERMANENT solution for tooth loss.

Permanent Replacement – Natural Feel

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Teeth Whitening – Safe. Effective. Fast.

Whitening is very popular for good reason; It works! It is the easiest way to quickly improve the appearance of your smile.

Whitening Teeth is FANTASTIC with Zoom

Zoom Your Teeth to BRILLIANT WHITE!

  • The Simplest, most cost effective way to improve your smile!
  • Look Better, Feel Better
  • Regain your confidence to smile
  • Enhance your greatest social and business tool- Your Smile!

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Porcelain Veneers – Take Your Smile From Average to Dazzling

Many people dream of having a brighter, cleaner, more attractive smile, but have chipped, stained, discolored, unevenly spaced, or even slightly crooked front teeth. Porcelain veneers in many cases are the perfect solution.

Plano Cosmetic Veneer

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Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns

Imagecare Crowns give you back the comfort, durability and strength needed to allow long lasting solutions.

If you’re self-conscious about your smile or if you have cracked, broken, decayed or worn teeth, we can bring back your healthy, natural-looking smile with crowns.

Porcelain Crowns before and after

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One of the major differences between a “general” dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist is this: A Cosmetic Dentist has a strong esthetic eye, and is committed to leaving you looking as beautiful as possible.

General dentists, on the other hand, tend to be much more concerned with just repairing teeth rather than making sure it looks fantastic too!

So how can YOU tell the difference between the two so you can make sure you don’t end up with a less qualified Cosmetic Dentist?

Here’s how:

In addition to asking for before-and-after photos and checking references (as we mentioned above), check to see if you Cosmetic Dentist is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

The AACD is an organization of Cosmetic Dentists who are committed to the highest levels of education and advancement in the area of Cosmetic Dentistry.

In fact, the AACD is made up of an elite, highly-trained group of Cosmetic Dentists from around the world!

If you can find a Cosmetic Dentist who is a member of the AACD, chances are they specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry, which means it most likely makes up the bulk of the treatments they provide.

And full-time Cosmetic Dentists will have performed many procedures that will have allowed them to hone their skills and perfect their techniques — leaving you with ideal results!

Here’s another secret!! Make sure you find a Cosmetic Dentist who is a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry! This advanced certification proves that your Plano Cosmetic Dentist has spent hundreds of additional hours of Advanced education to give you exceptional cosmetic dentistry. Call our office at 972-360-3232 for a complimentary Imagecare cosmetic dental consultation.

One other important tip

Plano cosmetic and bioesthetic dentistThis will be hard to find! If you can find a cosmetic dentist who has graduated from Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry you will know that you have found a dentist who has had the most intense and thorough training in the world! An authority on esthetics and occlusion (bite) .

The reason this is so important is that in my opinion a majority of cosmetic dentistry performed on worn or chipped teeth is actually only a cover-up for undiagnosed occlusal (bite) disharmony. You have got to find a dentist that knows how to predictably solve these problems.

O yeah!, Last but not least, it could be essential to you that your cosmetic dentist have an advanced understanding of orthodontics because some cosmetic treatment may require some minor tooth movement with or without braces to give you that WOW smile!

Success Stories

Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Loving to Smile!

Plano smile makeoverImagine being able to laugh out loud and not put your hands over your mouth. Imagine that you feel good when you see your smile, a reflection of the hard-working, determined and loving person that you are. in the mirror. Gabriela knows what it’s like. For years she dreamt about fixing her teeth, replacing the old, stained and worn-out restorations that were right smack in front. Because she was embarrassed by the appearance of her teeth, she held back and didn’t smile, not even if she was ecstatic or posing for photographs. Since she’s received her Empress smile makeover, that’s all changed. Her dentist explained every part of the simple veneer procedure every step of the way. Gabriela believes that the decision to fix her teeth is the best decision she’s made. Now she smiles all the time with confidence and self-esteem.

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Feeling Great and Looking Fabulous at 40!

Plano dentist replacing old veneersIt’s one thing to not know what you’re missing. It’s another when you do. Juliet had been a model, traveling internationally and cultivating her eclectic interests before making her home in Oklahoma. A makeup artist for a local and national modeling agency, she’s  constantly working closely with attractive, good looking people. Although she was feeling great and leaving people in a state of disbelief that she’d just turned 40, her smile didn’t reflect her true self. Old dental work was yellowing and the final, devastating straw came when  one of her clients asked her if her teeth were fake. After meeting with her dentist, she became excited about recapturing a naturallooking, beautiful smile. Not wanting something that looks “Hollywood,” Juliet’s Empress® veneers give her the “real” look she wanted, one that she feels makes her look 25 years young again!

© Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. Empress is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Making the Doctor Feel Better… With a New Smile!

Plano dentist restoring worn teethAndre – a sports medicine doctor in California was always conscious of his chipped, short, yellow and worn down teeth. He never knew what was possible until he talked with his dentist. Then, he learned all about the possibilities that today’s dental technology can offer, such as metal-free Empress restorations, and he was very excited about what he saw.  Now, after undergoing a comprehensive smile reconstruction that included Empress crowns on his back teeth and veneers on his front  teeth, he has a smile that lights up his face. Andre says his smile makeover has made an immense difference in how he interacts with  people, and he’s pleased that even his patients notice him smiling more and more these days.

© Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. Empress is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Tearing Down Barriers with the Gift of A Smile!

Plano dental restorationsWhen you travel the world working with young missionaries in such places as Russia to start up new churches you learn very quickly that smiling can tear down barriers. It can touch lives in a simple and inviting way. And, according to Julie, smiling can be fun! The vibrant 50-year-old with an unstoppable love for life says she smiles a lot these days, now that her Empress smile has taken her dark, brown tained teeth and transformed them into a naturally beautiful white. Her dentist was able to place Julie’s Empress restorations without removing much of her own tooth structure at all, and the results speak for themselves. It’s turned back the clock, she says, giving her a smile that’s youthful and glowing. Since her smile makeover, she feels blessed to give the “happy gift” of a smile to all she encounters.

© Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. Empress is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Imagecare Self-Smile Analysis

Plano dentist smile analysisAt Imagecare we want to help you in your quest for personal happiness, career success, and successful personal and social relationships.

ONE THING YOU MUST KNOW! Your smile is one of the first things that other people notice about you. So we have put together a self smile analysis for you to grade yourself on one of your most valuable assets. Your Smile!!

There are many ways to analyze your smile. At Imagecare we like to use two different techniques — the emotional evaluation and the objective evaluation. Give us a call at 972-360-3232 to improve your smile!

On the following pages is a simple list of questions you can ask yourself to determine the current state of your smile!

Objective Evaluation

Plano dentist self-assesmentFor the objective analysis, the best thing is for you to stand in front of a mirror mounted on a wall. Now, smile at yourself using your “normal” smile. Next, look at the mirror and think of a hilarious moment in your life and give a big, laughing smile.

This big smile is probably a much larger smile than you feel comfortable using much of the time if you are not happy with your teeth. When your smile is improved, however, your big smile appears much more spontaneously because you look (and feel) great!

So let’s figure out what’s holding your big smile back — what it is that bothers you about your teeth.

  • Are all of your teeth brilliant white or are they somewhat yellow, dark, or stained?
  • Are there spaces between any of your teeth?
  • Are you missing any of your teeth?
  • Do you have teeth that are crooked, uneven, or out of line?
  • Do any of your teeth appear short and fat or too small or too large?
  • Are the edges of any of your teeth even with the rest of your teeth or are they too long or too short?
  • Do your teeth (as a group) slant one way or another?
  • Is the midline of your two front teeth centered with your face and nose?
  • Are the edges of your canine teeth too long, sharp, or look out of line?
  • Do you grind your teeth or are any of the biting edges on your teeth chipped or worn down?
  • Do you have a “gummy” smile — showing too much gum tissue?
  • Are your gums even and in line and symmetrical or irregularly shaped — higher on some teeth and lower on others?
  • Have your gums receded or do they appear red or puffy?
  • Do you have any gray, black or silver (mercury) dental fillings in your teeth?
  • Do you have any old crowns that have dark edges at the top or that don’t really look natural?

Emotional Evaluation

The emotional smile evaluation is based on each individual’s subjective perceptions of his or her smile. The questions below are designed to help reveal a person’s true inner feelings about how their smile affects their self image, how it impacts interactions with others, and how it influences the quality of their relationships.

  • Do you love the appearance of your teeth and smile?
  • Do you ever turn your face when smiling or hold your hand up in front of your mouth when talking to others?
  • Have you ever found yourself looking at models or other people with beautiful smiles and wishing you had a similar smile?
  • Have you figured out a way to use your lips to cover any aspect of your smile?
  • Are you embarrassed to visit a cosmetic dentist due to the condition of your teeth or the length of time since your last visit to a dentist?
  • How does your smile make you feel? Confident?
  • Do you shy away from showing a full smile in front of other people, especially strangers?
  • When taking pictures, do you tend to smile with your lips closed instead of flashing a happy smile?
  • Have you ever held back a laugh because you felt uncomfortable about your smile?
  • How would a beautiful new smile make you feel?
  • What would you like to change about your smile?
I want to thank Imagecare Dental for giving me back my smile! I was so self-conscious about my multi-colored teeth due to old fillings that would not whiten and a gap between the two front teeth. Kristin was amazing and helped me with an excellent dental plan that gave me a beautiful smile, she suggested work that i didn’t even know could be done. Thank you so very much!! I appreciate it so very much!!         Barbara W.

These questions were designed to help you come to a fair assessment of your smile. If you have any concerns about your smile after this evaluation. Give us a call at 972-360-3232 for a Complimentary Imagecare Cosmetic Dental Consultation.

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