plano oral cancer

How do I know if I have oral cancer?

Signs of oral cancer

plano oral cancerOral cancer — cancer in the mouth — is a growing problem today. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation there will be about 100 people EVERY DAY in the US with a new diagnosis of oral cancer. How do you know what to look for.

The major risk factors are use of tobacco products, alcohol, and exposure to the HPV-16 virus, commonly transmitted through sexual contact and the subject of many current studies. You can reduce your risk by reducing or quitting tobacco and alcohol use and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

The symptoms can mimic common mouth sores, but any sore or discolored area in your mouth that continues to be a problem for a couple of weeks should be screened for cancer by a professional. Other symptoms are lumps, hoarseness, and numbness or difficulty swallowing, speaking, and chewing. So if it hasn’t healed in 14 days get it checked for possible cancer.

Cancer screening can be done easily while we clean and examine your teeth. Biopsies can be as simple as brushing the area to collect a few cells for examination. It isn’t painful, and it can save your life.

We give free cancer screenings and can biopsy suspicious areas so you will know for sure. This is a common cancer that can be treated easier in the beginning if it is caught quickly, but gets far more complicated when allowed to grow unchecked.

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