Dental Implants are Possible! By Steven P. Thompson on August 26, 2018

Bone Grafts Make Dental Implants a Reality!

Have you been dreaming of replacing your teeth with permanent dental implants? Is past gum disease and bone loss preventing you from having an implant procedure? If it is, then a bone graft can make implants a reality!

Increase Bone Mass

A bone graft is placed in an area where your bone quantity is lacking. Grafts can come from a variety of sources, including your own body or a donor source. The bone loss may be due to gum disease or medical conditions. Once the graft is placed, it fuses with the surrounding bone. New bone growth occurs in the area, strengthening the jaw.

Provide Stability and Support to Implants and Teeth

With enough bone mass, you can provide a secure environment that can support dental implants for the long-term. Once the graft has been placed and given time to form additional bone, the implant can be inserted into the healthy location.

Bone grafts are also used to add to and preserve bone immediately after an extraction.  This allows maximum bone fill during healing of the extraction site which is critical to future placement of a dental implant.

Making New Bone Support a Reality

The bone within our jaws does not form new bone itself. Something must stimulate it. With a graft, the new bone structure placed into the jaw stimulates the surrounding bone cells to form new connections with the graft.

On top of that, the titanium materials that dental implants are made of stimulate new bone growth. Although this stimulation isn’t enough to rebuild areas of bone loss, it is essential to the success of the implant therapy. The small areas of new bone growth (osseointegration) around the implant secure it permanently in place.

Confidently Replace Your Missing Teeth

The loss of bone support can jeopardize your surrounding teeth and the investment that you’ve made in a dental implant. Simply inserting the implant and keeping your fingers crossed is not enough. With a healthy foundation, dental implants can have the highest success rate of any dental procedure. Implants placed into healthy sites will usually last an entire lifetime.

It IS Possible!

Don’t take no for an answer. If another dentist has suggested that implants aren’t an option due to your bone levels, it’s time to find out how a bone graft can change all of that. Call our Plano dental implant office to find out more.

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