All-on-4® Maintenance By Steven P. Thompson on February 18, 2020

Maintaining your All-on-4®  Dental Implants

Congratulations! You've got your new All-on-4® what? It is extremely important for you to take care of your new teeth and keep them healthy and maintained for the long term. You'll need to take care of them just as you would your natural teeth.

Brushing & Flossing

A lot of people think once they get their new All-on-4® teeth, they're off the hook for brushing since the teeth aren't "real." However, the reality is that the All-on-4® teeth require brushing, just like natural teeth. There isn't a need for toothpaste, but brushing and flossing are extremely important. Brush because plaque still builds up on your false teeth and flossing under the All-on-4® will help keep particles from getting trapped underneath the teeth and around the implants. 


A Waterpik is a great tool to use with your All-on-4® teeth. The Waterpik shoots a blast of water that can get underneath your teeth and flush out all the bacteria, food debris, plaque, etc. 


Rinsing your mouth is extremely important with All-on-4® teeth. Chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide-based rinses are popular options. We carry BR Rinse in our office, which is a hydrogen peroxide-based rinse. It is very effective in keeping your All-on-4® healthy. An over-the-counter option is Colgate's Peroxyl. The most important thing to remember when choosing a hydrogen peroxide rinse, don't be tempted to use the hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle that is used around your house. "Brown bottle" hydrogen peroxide can have harmful byproducts in it, that if ingested, can cause problems. We recommend using a food-based hydrogen peroxide within the 1-3% strength zone, nothing stronger. 

Professional Cleaning

Just as you would come to our office for cleanings if you had your natural teeth, getting your All-on-4® cleaned once or twice a year is highly recommended. Your All-on-4® will be removed and your hygienist will clean under the teeth and clean the implant itself. Once finished, we'll put your teeth back in. New connector screws are recommended every four cleanings.

Dry Mouth

A lot of people that lose their teeth, lose them because they have a dry mouth. If you still suffer from a dry mouth after your All-on-4® is placed, you could be more prone to infections around your implants that could lead to failure of your teeth. It's important to keep yourself hydrated and if drinking water alone doesn't seem to help, we can talk with you about supplements or over the counter aids that can help keep your mouth moist. 

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