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Straighten Your Smile Discreetly with ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect® alignerCrooked or crowded teeth can affect not only your sense of confidence but also your oral health. According to the Canadian Dental Association, crooked or crowded teeth are more difficult to clean, which can result in tooth decay and gum disease. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment but wish to avoid traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect® may be right for you. Similar to Invisalign®, this system features smooth, clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into their proper position. We offer ClearCorrect at our Plano, TX, office and can customize your treatment to meet your needs.

Your First Consultation

During your initial consultation, we will review your medical history and the structure of your smile to determine whether you qualify for ClearCorrect. This treatment can address:

  • Gapped teeth 
  • Rotated teeth 
  • Crowded teeth 
  • Malocclusion including an overbite, underbite, open bite, or crossbite

Although ClearCorrect can effectively treat a variety of concerns, patients with severely misaligned teeth or jaw-related issues may be better suited for traditional braces.

With outstanding benefits and flexible financing options available, we encourage all patients to visit our office for a ClearCorrect consultation.

What to Expect

If you are a candidate for treatment, we will take impressions of your smile. These will be sent to the ClearCorrect team and used to fabricate your custom aligners. Once your set is ready, you can return to our office and we can review the treatment process.

It is important to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours each day. You should only remove them to eat, brush, or floss. Remember that failing to wear your aligners can prolong your treatment timeline. Every two to three weeks, you should transition from one set of aligners to the next. Throughout your treatment, we will review your progress to ensure you are on-track.

Benefits of ClearCorrect

Compared to traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect offers: 

  • More comfort: ClearCorrect aligners are made of smooth, clear plastic. While traditional braces can irritate your cheeks, gums, or tongue tongue, aligners fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth.
  • No dietary restrictions: Patients with metal braces cannot eat sticky or crunchy foods during treatment, as these can break the wires and brackets. Patients with clear aligners can simply remove the trays prior to eating.
  • Better Appearance: Many patients are concerned about the aesthetics of traditional metal braces. As ClearCorrect aligners are virtually invisible, you never have to feel self-conscious about your smile during treatment.
  • Easier oral hygiene: While traditional braces can make brushing and flossing difficult, ClearCorrect aligners can be removed for easier maintenance. This reduces your risk of decay, bad breath, and cavities.

ClearCorrect aligners are made in Texas and are a great option for patients who want to support the local community.  

Cost of ClearCorrect

The cost of your treatment will depend on the severity of your case. However, many insurance plans include orthodontic treatment coverage, and we can help you file the appropriate forms to lower your out-of-pocket costs. Additionally, we work with third-party lenders including CareCredit® and LendingClub® to make treatment more accessible.

Feel Great about Your Smile

If you are struggling with misaligned teeth and are ready to achieve a smile you can feel proud of, ClearCorrect may be the solution for you. To find out if you qualify for treatment or to learn more about our other services, schedule a consultation by calling (972) 618-5000 or contacting our team online.

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