Permanent Cosmetic Solutions Create Spectacular Smiles!

Through years of experience as a Cosmetic Dentist, advanced training and completion of over 50,000 cosmetic restorations, Dr. Thompson has developed this proven system that produces incredible smile makeovers time after time.

number-1Digital photos for Imagecare Cosmetic Imaging

Cosmetic dental imaging is crucial so that patients can preview the possibilities before making an investment! We take nine to fifteen pictures of your teeth and smile for analysis.

number-1Imagecare Smile Analysis

Smile analysis is data collected about your teeth and how they match up or deviate from what is considered ideal.

number-1Imagecare Lip and Gum Analysis

Evaluation of gum symmetry and height. Plus, we do a careful evaluation of how your lip line relates to your teeth and how your teeth support your lips.

number-1Imagecare Bite Analysis (occlusion)

Evaluation of the way your teeth function. Remember, form always follows function!

number-1Imagecare New Smile Design

“Perfection is Dr. Thompson’s goal and he achieves it. I admire, respect and appreciate that…A visit to Imagecare is always a pleasant experience” – J.B.

number-1Customized Imagecare Digital Presentation

Custom created power point presentation showing you what is possible through application of Imagecare New Smile Design principles to your smile.

plano dentist smile designImagecare New Smile Design principles to your smile. This is a critical step that allows you and Dr. Thompson to be on the exact same page for your new smile. There is real value for you being able to “preview” your new smile and give feed back before you invest any time and money.

The steps above are complementary for any patient interested in cosmetic dentistry at Imagecare.

The steps that follow occur after commitment to treatment.

number-1Diagnostic Wax up designed by Imagecare

It’s extremely important to have a working model of your desired smile design. This allows us to create temporaries that will mimic the final product. This gives us valuable information and allows for your feedback and correction of problems prior to receiving permanent restorations.

number-1World Class Laboratory Work

The laboratory technician must be a highly trained and skilled craftsman.
It takes a ceramic artist to defy nature and provide long lasting natural beauty. Call us for more information about our laboratory technicians!

plano dentist wax up