Crowns restore esthetics, comfort and function.

Restore decayed teeth to their youthful appearance with Imagecare crowns.

Crowns and Bridges can give you back the comfort, durability and strength needed to allow long lasting solutions.

If you’re self-conscious about your smile or if you have cracked, broken, decayed or worn teeth, we can bring back your healthy, natural-looking smile with crowns.

Plano dental crowns
Plano Dental Bridge

A filling can restore a small defect in a tooth, but a crown is the most durable, strongest way to restore a tooth with extensive damage, front or back for the long term.

With all the materials and techniques modern dentistry has to offer, crowns can be totally natural looking.

We offer many different kinds of crowns because we understand that patients have different priorities and objectives regarding crown selection.

Gold or Porcelain Crowns?

We have the traditional gold crown for patients whose main concern is durability and are not concerned with esthetics. Gold crowns are very bio-compatible and long lasting. On the other end of the spectrum we have the all porcelain crown which is the most esthetic crown we offer. It is for patients who desire the best. This crown offers the finest esthetics and strength. And when made by the hands of our world class ceramist, its craftsmanship is impeccable. No ugly grey lines at the gums, esthetics guaranteed, we require your approval before cementation.

Porcelain Crowns before and after

Does the Material Affect My Insurance?

Next is the insurance or economy crown which is composed of high noble metal with porcelain fused on top.

The last type of crown is our middle of the road crown offering a great combination of quality, strength and esthetics. It is called the Imagecare Quality porcelain fused to high noble metal. The advantages of this crown over the economy crown are as follows:

  • better esthetics
  • improved bio-compatability resulting in healthier gums
  • no grey line crowns

For the discriminating patients who want to look their best.

Will a Crown or Bridge Affect My Bite?

Additional benefits of crowns are correcting bite problems, closing spaces between teeth, changing the angulations of teeth, and they can be used to replace missing teeth permanently, as part of a bridge, or over an implant. Give us a call at 972-360-3232 for a free consultation to discuss if crowns are a solution for you!

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