Many people are not prepared to consider dentures and the thought of being tied down with dentures is not appealing. The loose, wobble, smelly lifestyle is not ideal. Fortunately we have other great options to give you your smile back.

These implant options offer you dependable, secure and stable result that looks and feels great! Below is a comparison of the Secure Fit (All on Four), traditional All-on-4® and the conventional denture.

All-on-Four Dental Implants



Secure Fit


Helps preserve jawbone and facial structureHelps preserve jawbone and facial structureJawbone decreases over time causing poor fit and lack of facial support
Looks, Feels and Functions like natural teethLooks, Feels and Functions like natural teethCan feel fake, inhibit taste, speech and temperature sensation
Secure, durable and dependableSecure, durable and dependableCan be loose, wobble and rock while eating
Denture adhesives or creams not necessaryDenture adhesives or creams not necessaryAdhesives are usually required
More natural chewingMore natural chewingLimited chew ability. You must relearn to chew and avoid certain foods
Long lastingLong lastingHave to be remade or relined to maintain fit and function
Removal and cleaning performed by your dentist (approximately every 6 months).Easy removal at home for cleaningEasy removal at home for cleaning
Repair requires removalEasy repairEasy repair
If teeth are damaged, temporary teeth can be used as backup.Inexpensive Back-up availableBackup available
If new implant is needed, a new set of teeth will be required.If a new implant is needed, no need to remake set of teeth – saves moneyCan be connected to implants

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