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Secure Your Restorations with Dental Implants for Durable, Long-Lasting Results

Dental Implants are small bio-compatible medical grade titanium posts that are placed in your jaw to serve as a replacement tooth root.  The implant supports the connector and the crown, bridge or full set of teeth.

Compared to bridges, partials or dentures, implants feel, fit and function more like natural teeth.  Implants have become the most popular solution for missing teeth.

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Dental Implant Graphic

Here is a visual diagram of the common implant components:

Crown – This is the replacement for your natural tooth or teeth. Implant-supported crowns are usually screwed or cemented to the abutment for a secure fit

Abutment – this is the connector piece that allows connection from your implant to your new teeth or set of teeth

Implant – Small, bio-compatible, medical grade titanium posts (fixtures) that are placed in your jaw to serve as a replacement tooth root.

Why is it that implants have become the comfortable and secure choice for tooth replacement?  The answer is simply biology.  Because dental implants are made of medical grade titanium with a special surface treatment, your bone cells grow into and fuse to the dental implant.  This fusion (Osseointegration) gives your implant team the ability to provide you with teeth that don’t slip, slide or fall out at inappropriate times.  It makes no difference if you are replacing one, multiple teeth or all of your teeth, dental implants give you a natural long lasting solution to replacing those missing or failing teeth.

Imagecare is your Plano area implant experts.  We plan, place, restore and maintain your implant(s) all under one roof. For patients who need an extra boost to improve their candidacy, we also provide sinus lifts at our office. We are your complete dental implant solution.  You will not need to be shuffled around to different offices to restore your smile back to beauty and function.

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