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24/7 Emergency Dentistry in Plano, TX

Toothaches and pains tend to happen when it is least convenient. Rely on our emergency dental services in Plano, TX for all the help you need to feel better and retain your oral health. Imagecare Dental Group has assisted patients for more than 25 years and can get to the root of the problem to have you smiling again in no time. Our calming and caring environment lets you feel at ease, knowing you are in the best hands when you need it most. Reach as soon as the pain begins to get an appointment with our world-class dentists and hygienists. We’re available 24/7 to prevent further pain and save your teeth from extraction.

dentist and patient in dental chair

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is one of the primary reasons patients visit us for emergency dentistry services. This will appear as intense pain in a tooth because the pulp has become infected and inflamed. Once we have located the problematic tooth, we use specialized tools to remove the infection. Then, we clean, disinfect, fill, and seal the tooth in the hopes of preventing reinfection. We do our best to preserve the natural tooth, but if needed, we can place a crown over it to complete your smile. Patients receive anesthesia before we begin to prevent further pain while we work.

Why Call Imagecare Dental Group?

Our team of specialists has seen and treated it all regarding dental pain. Giving us a call at the first sign of dental issues gives us the best chance to relieve the stress and prevent the loss of teeth. We’ll help avoid any further damage and maintain your gorgeous smile. Our team will also work with you to understand what your dental healthcare covers. Even if it doesn’t pay for everything you need, we have other means to assist with financing at affordable rates. We’re dedicated to preserving your smile as quickly as possible.

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