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What Is IV Sedation?

Intravenous sedation or IV Sedation dentistry is one the many options available to reduce fear, anxiety and pain associated with dental treatment. IV sedation is a form of sedation where the medications that sedate are administered straight into the blood stream via an IV. This form of sedation allows the doctor to adjust medications accurately to provide the proper level of sedation that is right for you. We have helped many patients from the greater Plano, Tx area with IV sedation and helped them get back on track with their dental health.

iv bag

Why Use Imagecare for Your IV sedation?

Imagecare is uniquely qualified to provide IV sedation. We team with Dr. Ben Quenzer, MD, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and President of North Dallas Anesthesia. He performs IV sedation for all types of dental procedures from simple cleanings to complicated surgery and dental implant cases.

Board Certified Anesthesiologist
Dr. Ben Quenzer, MD

Dr. Quenzer also has experience managing IV sedation for the mentally impaired and has extensive experience in training dental offices for medical emergencies.

In addition to Dr. Quenzer, we also have Dr. Daniel Choi, a Board Certified and IV certified Periodontist that provides periodontal treatment, periodontal surgery, tissue grafting, bone grafting, sinus lifts and wisdom tooth extractions.

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Benefits of IV Sedation

  • Very effective for moderate to severe anxiety
  • Once medication are administer the sedation occurs very quickly
  • The level of sedation can be adjusted during your appointment and you will remain comfortable for the procedure
  • If desired, you can get ALL of you dental work done in one visit
  • The medications used in your IV will most likely prevent you from having any memory of the appointment
  • All of your vital signs will be monitored carefully by Dr. Quenzer during your appoint
  • IV sedation is very predictable and safe when administered by a trained anesthesiologist

Comparison of Sedation Types

Nitrous OxideEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)IV Sedation
Chance of “waking up” or being alert during procedure.Nitrous OxideYou will be alert during procedure but feel woozy.Enteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)YesIV SedationNo
Best UseNitrous OxideMild anxiety or fear; any length appointment.Enteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)Mild to moderate fear or anxiety; short to medium length appointments.IV SedationModerate to severe fear or anxiety, medium to long length appointments.
MedicationNitrous OxideNitrous Oxide OnlyEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)Halcion, or similar sedative drug, plus Nitrous Oxide.IV SedationIV administered medications.
MonitoringNitrous OxideBP, pulse, respiratory rate monitored by Dentist.Enteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)BP, pulse, respiratory rate monitored by Dentist.IV SedationPulse oximetry, BP, pulse, respiratory rate monitored by Anesthesiologist.
Effects on Gag ReflexNitrous OxideNoneEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)Reduction in gag reflexIV SedationNo gag reflex
Effects on memory of appointmentNitrous OxideNoneEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)Moderate reduction of memory of appointment.IV SedationNo memory of appointment.
Six hour fasting food, no liquids 2hr prior to appointment.Nitrous OxideNoEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)YesIV SedationYes
Need adult responsible party for ride home and recovery.Nitrous OxideNoEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)YesIV SedationYes
Recovery periodNitrous Oxide20 minutesEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)6-8 hoursIV Sedation2-4 hours
Medically compromised patientNitrous OxideYes, depends on medical conditionEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)NoIV SedationYes, Medical Doctor Anesthesia Certified present
Age restrictionsNitrous OxideAll agesEnteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)18+IV SedationAll ages determined by Anesthesiologist
CostNitrous Oxide$Enteral/Conscious (pill & nitrous)$$IV Sedation$$$

IV Sedation Requirements

Two visits are usually required. During your first visit, we will assess your dental needs and create an appropriate treatment plan. Then our sedation team will discuss sedation options with you, answer any questions you have and review your health history to make sure you are a candidate for IV sedation. The second visit is for the IV sedation and to complete your dental work. Preoperative instructions will be given to you by your anesthesiologist.

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