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Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings in Plano, TX

Scheduling your bi-annual dental cleaning at Imagecare Dental Group in Plano, TX is imperative to maintaining high levels of oral care and protecting your smile. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you brush or how often you floss, there are simply places in your mouth they can’t reach. Our team has the necessary training and tools to help remove tartar and plaque build to give you the best shot at a lifelong smile with healthy gums and teeth. Contact us today to set up your appointment and let our caring dentists and hygienists care for the entire family.

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Importance of Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings

Bi-annual dental cleanings help free your smile from debris, plaque, and tartar. It also allows us to check in on your gums and teeth for preventative exams. This is why visiting our office at least twice a year is essential. Cavities and periodontal disease don’t often exhibit symptoms until severe damage has already occurred, but our team can spot these issues easily using the best tools in the industry.

Dental Cleaning Process

Our process begins with a preliminary examination to see if we spot any decay or inflammation within your teeth or gums. If we do not spot any, we’ll move on with the cleaning with the following steps:

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Plaque or tartar build-up can cause tooth decay and halitosis. We’ll gently and swiftly remove these contaminants to prevent further issues. Regular brushing and flossing won't be able to get to the places they hide where your teeth meet your gums and can even get underneath your gums.

Teeth Polishing

This step helps deliver the shine back to your smile. Using gritty toothpaste, we’ll polish your teeth and eliminate the remaining tartar. We have flavors for you to choose from to make the experience more enjoyable.

Floss & Rinse

Our experts then give you a flossing that goes much deeper than you could on your own. Please let us know if you have noticed bleeding at home when brushing, and we can further examine and floss those spots to get rid of build-up in these areas. Then, the rinse washes out any debris from our previous steps.

Fluoride Treatment

The final step in your dental cleaning is a fluoride treatment. It acts as a shield between treatments and protects teeth from cavity development. The foamy gel hardens when it comes in contact with saliva, so you are free to eat and drink regularly after leaving our office.

Imagecare Dental Group Helps With All Dental Needs

When you need assistance with your smile, Imagecare Dental Group is the team to rely on for help. Our state-of-the-art facility comes equipped with all the latest innovations and modern solutions. From toothaches to dental implants, we handle it all. Scheduling your bi-annual dental cleanings helps safeguard yourself from minor issues becoming more significant problems later. Reach out to our staff today to schedule your initial consultation and to ask any other questions you may have about our services.

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