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General Dentistry Services in Plano, TX

Using general dentistry in Plano, TX helps patients maintain a healthy smile. Imagecare Dental Group’s wide range of services gives you the smile you deserve and one that lasts a lifetime. These regular maintenance and preventive treatments give patients a look at their current oral health. We can then develop a personalized plan to either turn it around or encourage your current at-home habits with in-office treatments to uphold your health. Most of these are also considered preventative in hopes that we assist in deterring further issues from developing. Please speak with our front desk staff to schedule your initial consultation, and they can help answer any other questions you have.

dentist and patient

General Dentistry: How Does It Work?

General dentistry services are the first line of defense when protecting your smile. With these treatments and procedures, we can learn about your oral health and teeth strength. From there, we assist by developing a unique treatment plan to ensure your health reaches new heights and your smile is well-protected. They also keep your overall wellness in check since oral health is closely connected. Check all of the general dentistry services we offer below:

Family-Friendly & Patient-Focused Dental Care

For over 25 years, Imagecare Dental Group has been a trusted resource for general dentistry services and care. We are dedicated to providing patients with a unique, calming, and comfortable environment with caring dental professionals. Doing this encourages patients to make their necessary appointments instead of being anxious about visiting. Sedation dentistry has become essential for us to provide better treatments and procedures. We also assist in understanding your dental insurance and when you need to consider using other financial options when paying for general dentistry treatments and procedures. Reach out and schedule your initial consultation today!

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