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Personalized Smile Design for Stunning Results

Plano cosmetic dentists, Dr. Steve Thompson and Dr. Annalynn Imperial take a very thorough approach when planning your smile design. We take the accepted principles of an attractive smile and apply them where appropriate to customize a beautiful new smile.

We take the time to listen to what you want to accomplish and to evaluate your smile to determine the options available to you. Once you’re ready to proceed we will perform a very thorough comprehensive exam to make sure your teeth, gums and bite are healthy. Paying close attention to the way your teeth bite together is very important to the overall longevity of your new smile. Dr. Thompson has advanced training from the OBI foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry to create beautiful new teeth that function properly and look amazing.

dentist and patient

It’s All About Your Smile and How It Makes You Feel

Once we feel that we have a good understanding of your desires we will schedule you for a comprehensive exam. We will look at the many common features of your smile, but also the more technical features that combine to make a great smile. Below are a few items we look for but for a complete list of smile design principles please refer to Dr. Thompson’s book, “Smiling Success“ chapters 7 and 9, available on To summarize, Dr. Thompson and the Imagecare team have dedicated hours and hours of their time studying and training in the art of cosmetic dentistry. We have learned from many of the world authorities in the field. Dr. Thompson is uniquely qualified for you. Dr. Thompson has over 20 years’experience in creating amazing smiles, is a long time sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Master Dentist in the Academy of General Dentistry and a Graduate of OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry.

We Offer a Free Cosmetic Consultation to Discuss Your Goals

During the cosmetic consult, we do a cosmetic exam and listen to your goals and wishes. We take pictures of your smile from different angles to carefully evaluate layout of your smile. We will discuss with you what you want to change. Things like color, crowding, size, shape and texture. We will then discuss cosmetic treatment options to find one that is right with you.

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