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Invisalign at Imagecare Dental Group

No one likes having crooked teeth, but traditional metal orthodontics can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

At Imagecare Dental Group, patients have the option of comfortably and discreetly straightening smiles with Invisalign® clear aligners.

Why is our dental practice Plano, TX’s top choice for Invisalign treatment?

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Invisalign Experts

  • Highly Trained: Our dentists have received professional training in clear aligner orthodontics, and we continuously seek out more training on the latest advancements in the field.
  • Platinum Providers: Invisalign has recognized our practice in Plano, TX, as Platinum Providers. That means we have consistently demonstrated excellence in orthodontic cases.
  • Invisalign Educators: Our doctors are so well-versed in the Invisalign orthodontic system that we even teach courses to educate other dentists on how to complete the treatment.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Metal-Free System

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners will not detract from your appearance. The clear aligners are so discreet others may not even notice you are wearing them.

Smooth, Safe Materials

Invisalign aligners are made with smooth, BPA-free plastic. The material is completely safe and will not irritate the delicate tissue on the inside of your cheeks.

Easily Removable

You can remove your Invisalign aligners for brushing and eating, allowing you to maintain good oral hygiene and enjoy your favorite foods throughout treatment.

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Start Your Journey to a Confident Smile

At Imagecare Dental Group in Plano, TX, we love helping patients achieve a straighter, more confident smile through Invisalign treatment. Our orthodontic patients recommend us to their friends and family because:

  • We use the most advanced dental technology
  • We are experts in using orthodontics to treat TMJ and other concerns
  • We offer Invisalign for as little as $99 a month

The first step towards straightening your smile is to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentists. You can request a totally free consultation by filling out the form below or calling:

Invisalign Produces Great Results

By applying gentle pressure to the teeth, the aligners gradually shift your smile into alignment just like traditional braces. Actually, Invisalign treatment can sometimes produce results even more quickly than braces.


Invisalign aligners are barely noticeable during your treatment.


Just 12 to 18 months later, you can enjoy a straighter smile.

Your Teeth Could Be Straightened in One Year or Less

Thanks to the innovation of Invisalign aligners, you can straighten your teeth faster than ever before. However, you can’t be done with treatment until you start treatment. If Invisalign treatment is interesting to you, we highly encourage you to schedule a free consultation with Imagecare Dental Group in Plano, TX.

At your consultation, our certified Invisalign providers will examine your bite to determine your candidacy for orthodontic treatment. If you qualify for orthodontics with clear aligners, we will get your treatment timeline started as soon as possible.

You can request a free consultation right now by filling out our online form or calling 972-618-5000.

The Typical Invisalign Timeline


If you are interested in any kind of orthodontic treatment, schedule a consultation at our office in Plano, TX. During your consultation, one of our certified providers will assess the condition of your smile to determine whether Invisalign treatment is recommended. More than 80 percent of the cases we see qualify. If we do not think aligners are the right choice for you, we will discuss alternative options.


During your consultation, we will use our sophisticated iTero® Element scanner to capture digital images of your teeth. This allows us to more precisely meet your unique needs.


With the scans of your bite in hand, our dentists will design a custom treatment plan that helps you achieve a straighter smile. Our doctors have advanced training in occlusion, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, and aesthetics to ensure that virtually every aspect of your smile is addressed through orthodontic treatment.


If you are happy with your proposed treatment plan, we will send it to the Invisalign lab. There, your custom aligners will be fabricated by skilled technicians over the next few weeks. Your aligners will be precisely laser-cut to minimize irritation to your soft tissues.

Start Treatment

Once you receive your aligners, you are able to begin your treatment. For the best results, you need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. You will switch from one aligner to the next in your series approximately every two weeks. Each aligner tray moves you closer and closer to your final results.


Approximately every four to eight weeks, you will visit our office in Plano, TX, so we can evaluate your progress. The frequency of these appointments is much less burdensome than those of traditional braces, which usually need to be adjusted every month. Also, unlike braces, Invisalign treatment will not require emergency visits to fix broken wires or brackets.

Final Results

If you wear your trays as directed, you should see your desired results within 12 to 18 months. Patients who qualify for Express treatment may have an even shorter timeline. To maintain your results, we recommend you wear a custom retainer or your last aligner each night. At our Plano practice, retainers are included in your treatment.

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What Is Invisalign Express?

There are two forms of Invisalign treatment: Express and Regular. Express simply means your case is less intensive and will only need 10 aligners or less (and less time overall) to make the necessary corrections.

The express method is ideal for patients who only have minor misalignment. Using this approach, plastic aligners can shift your teeth into optimal position in six months or less. Our experienced dentists are experts at determining which treatment method is best for each patient, and they will let you know during your consultation if Express is a viable option for you.

Also, because the cost of Invisalign is directly correlated to the amount of aligners required in the treatment plan, express treatment will cost less than regular treatment.

We Make Invisalign Affordable

Invisalign Is a Smart Investment

Misaligned teeth can lead to a host of oral health and function issues. Because crooked teeth are harder to clean, tooth decay and infections become more likely. Also, bite misalignment puts unnatural pressure on the jaw muscles, which can lead to painful TMJ disorder. By investing in orthodontics now, you can save yourself pain and thousands of dollars in future dental work.

Invisalign Costs the Same as Traditional Braces

The cost of clear aligners is comparable to that of braces. If you are on the fence between plastic aligners and braces, don’t let cost be a difference-maker. Qualifying patients might as well choose the orthodontic option that is more discreet, more comfortable, and more convenient.

Financing Can Make Treatment Only $99 a Month

If you have dental insurance, it may cover a portion of your orthodontic treatment. Our office can assist you with filing and ensuring you get the most out of your benefits. To cover any out-of-pocket costs, we can also help you finance your treatment with CareCredit® or LendingClub. By taking advantage of all of our helpful payment options, many patients are able to go through Invisalign treatment at our practice for as little as $99 a month.

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Choose Dentists Who Partner With You

As dentists, we are invested in the success of our patients and do everything we can to ensure they achieve the results they want with Invisalign. If you are ready to meet doctors who will focus on giving you the best experience possible, schedule a free consultation with Imagecare Dental Group in Plano, TX.

Plano chooses us because:

  • We have over 25 years of experience
  • We have over 400 5-Star Reviews on Google
  • We are family-oriented and family-friendly
  • We prioritize patient comfort

You can request a free consultation with our team by filling out our online form or calling:

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