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Dental Deep Cleaning in Plano, TX

Chronic bad breath or bleeding, swollen gums could be a sign that you have periodontal disease. If not treated, it can result in tooth loss.

The dentists at Imagecare Dental Group can perform a nonsurgical dental deep cleaning to eliminate gum disease and save your smile.

Learn more about the treatment we offer at our office in Plano, TX.

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I Brush and Floss Regularly

So I Don’t Need a Deep Cleaning…Right?

Well, you might! Normal brushing, rinsing, and flossing are sometimes not enough to reach the sticky plaque that builds up on your teeth and gets lodged under and around your gum line. Your highly-experienced Imagecare Dental Group dentist may suggest a deep cleaning at our Plano, TX, practice to remove hard-to-clean plaque, so bacteria won’t grow and cause an infection that leads to gum disease.

Plaque Causes Gum Disease?

If left untreated, yes. Here’s how gum disease, also called periodontal disease or periodontitis, can develop due to excess plaque under and around your gums:

Plaque Build-Up

Plaque builds up under and around your gums where your toothbrush and dental floss can't reach.

Tartar Formation

Eventually, the dental plaque hardens, forming an unsightly yellow crust called tartar on your teeth.

Gum Pockets Form

The plaque under your gums causes the healthy tissue attached to your teeth to loosen, forming deep pockets.

Bacterial Infection

Bacteria grows underneath the tartar and inside gum pockets, causing infection and serious periodontal health symptoms.

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​Is Deep Cleaning a Surgical Procedure?

Afraid of dental surgery? Relax. Deep cleaning is a simple outpatient treatment performed in one of our beautifully furnished Imagecare Dental Group treatment rooms right here in Plano, TX. Our knowledgeable dentists use only the latest dental technologies and equipment so your deep cleaning will be as effective and comfortable as possible.

Here’s What to Expect During a Deep Cleaning

After a comprehensive dental exam featuring digital x-rays and other advanced diagnostic tools, you’ll be ready for your deep cleaning. Tooth scaling and root planing are the two most common deep cleaning procedures. However, there are other deep cleaning procedures that your ImageCare dentist may suggest based on your individual dental care needs:

Teeth Scaling

A curved metal tool is expertly used to scrape away hardened tartar from your teeth surfaces. It also removes bacteria-causing plaque from around and under your gum line and from deep within gum pockets. Scaling is usually done first, followed by root planing.

​Ultrasonic Debridement

Patients with thicker tooth tartar may require the use of an ultrasonic debridement tool. It uses painless soundwaves to break up the tartar for easier scaling before root planing begins.

Root Planing

Your dentist will use a different tool to smooth out the surfaces of your tooth roots. This procedure eliminates rough areas where plaque and bacteria can hide. Root planing also promotes the reattachment of gum tissue to the base of your teeth.


Your dentist may apply ​Arestin®, a long-lasting antibiotic, directly inside gum pockets to keep bacteria from returning after your deep cleaning is done.


Your dentist may also recommend a take-home treatment called ​PerioProtect® on top of your deep cleaning. It involves wearing dental trays filled with a hydrogen peroxide gel that gently cleanses your gum pockets of the bacteria that cause infections and bad breath. It whitens your teeth as well, leaving you with healthy gums and a dazzling smile.

Why Getting a Deep Cleaning Is So Important

A deep cleaning can prevent periodontal problems from getting worse later on:

  • Eliminates Symptoms: Unpleasant symptoms like bleeding gums, mouth pain, and offensive breath can be stopped in their tracks.
  • Prepares You for Cosmetic Dentistry: Stopping periodontal disease from progressing allows you to have smile-restoring cosmetic procedures.
  • Saves You Money: When your teeth and gums are clean and healthy, the need for costly restorative treatments is greatly reduced.

Does Insurance Cover Deep Cleaning?

  • Coverage: Because deep cleanings treat medical issues like periodontitis, most insurance companies will cover some of the cost.
  • Contact Your Insurance: All plans are different, so it’s best to let our knowledgeable staff contact your carrier to find out your exact coverage.
  • We File Your Claims: At ImageCare Dental Group, we file all your insurance claims on your behalf to get you the maximum coverage possible.

​Experiencing Periodontal Health Issues? Come to Imagecare Dental Group for a Deep Cleaning Consultation

The distinguished, experienced doctors at Imagecare Dental Group in Plano, TX, can show you how a deep cleaning treatment may be the best way to maintain your oral health. They’re highly-educated in the diagnosing and treatment of gum diseases.

Fill out our simple online form or call us today. We’ll make you feel right at home while providing you with gold-standard dental care.

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