Dental Implant Post Op Care for a Healthy Smile

Your New Tooth Implant, Success!

Congratulations on receiving your new implant! Your functional and beautiful dental implant is the best most modern implants that we provide. We are confidant this comfortable natural feeling restoration will provide you with many years of satisfaction. To insure that all goes as we have planned, please read and follow these dental implant post op care instructions:

Your First Few Weeks

For several days, please chew more carefully on these restorations than on your natural teeth. We will adjust the bite (occlusion) on future appointments if necessary until the teeth are well balanced. After you have adjusted to the prosthesis, it should function in a similar manner to your natural teeth.

Cleaning the Implants and Prosthesis

Please be aware that the continuing success of the implant and prosthesis is up to you. How well you follow through with your Hygiene visits and completing the items checked will determine the final outcome.

Be sure to visit us for examination, cleaning and polishing at least once every 6 months. Clean the implants(s) and prostheses daily, especially before bedtime using floss and tooth brush. A mechanical tooth brush such as Sonicare Elite (available through our office) is highly recommended.

Please ask us about anything that is unclear relative to proper cleaning.

The Future of Your New Smile

Your examination and professional cleaning appointments are very important to the long-term success of your prosthesis. If your personal and professional cleanings and your examination appointments are accomplished routinely, your restorations should serve many years. Please contact us immediately if you experience any of the following conditions.

  • Feeling of looseness
  • Peculiar taste
  • Clicking or metallic snap while eating
  • Breakage of a piece of the prosthesis
  • Redness in the gum tissue around the implant
  • Feeling of the bite being different
  • Pain

Thanks for your trust in the Plano dentists at Imagecare. We look forward to helping you enjoy your new permanent tooth.

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