Successfully Manage Pain and Discomfort after Dental Implant Surgery

All surgeries impact the body. As a result, patients who undergo dental implant placement can expect to feel some level of discomfort after their procedure. At Imagecare Dental, our doctors help every dental implant recipient prepare for predicted levels of dental implant pain in advance of their surgeries. Our team in Plano, TX, can determine your candidacy for dental implant surgery, as well as answer your questions regarding pain and recovery. Contact our dental practice to schedule your consultation today.

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Our team can answer all your questions, including those regarding the dental implant process, expected levels of pain, and how to best manage your recovery. 

Dental Implant Placement: What Should I Expect?

To perform dental implant surgery, the dentist must have access to your jawbone. To do this, a small incision will be created in the gum tissue. You will be appropriately numbed to ensure the highest level of comfort during placement of each dental implant.

During your dental implant procedure, our team will monitor your comfort throughout treatment, ensuring you feel at ease. If you have dental anxiety or special concerns, the doctor may suggest a form of sedation to help you relax. Sedation dentistry options available at Imagecare Dental include nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation.

Although some amount of discomfort always follows dental implant surgery, guided placement tools and procedures can minimize its intensity and duration.

After dental implant placement, the dentist will reposition the gum tissue and close the incisions. You will receive at-home care instructions and dentist-supervised pain medicines. Following these guidelines should minimize your discomfort and decrease pain levels during the recovery process.

Dental Implant Recovery Timeline

Every patient is unique. However, you can expect your recovery to follow a generally predictable timeline. For the first seven to 10 days, the surgical site will be tender and swollen. It may bleed for the first 24 to 48 hours. Continue following your dentist-recommended oral hygiene and diet plans, such as using prescribed mouth rinses and eating soft foods.

After the tenth day, you should notice less tenderness. At this point, your jawbone and gums should begin to heal, and the dental implant will start to fully fuse to the bone through a process called osseointegration. If your dental implant pain worsens, contact our office immediately. Intensifying pain at the dental implant placement site may indicate an infection or other problem. The sooner you visit the dentist for an evaluation, the better.

Guided Dental Implant Surgery Reduces Post-Operative Pain

Although some level of discomfort always follows dental implant surgery, guided placement tools and procedures can minimize its intensity and duration. Guided placement surgery relies on advanced software and instrumentation to precisely identify the best location for the dental implant post. Finding the ideal site tends to lower the surgery timeframe, meaning less trauma to the gums and jawbone. For this reason, guided placement surgery is preferred by many dentists and patients.

To perform guided implant surgery, the dentist will first take a cone beam x-ray along with digital impressions. These images are then digitally combined to create a custom surgical guide. This special oral appliance fits over your teeth during implant surgery and highlights the most appropriate area for the implant post.

Learn More about Dental Implant Placement

Are you considering dental implants to restore your smile? Knowing what to expect can help you enjoy a smooth and successful recovery. To contact our office, send us a message or call (972) 618-5000. During your appointment, we can answer your questions regarding dental implant pain expectations and management. You may also want to review our dental implants FAQ prior to your visit.

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