Improving Your Dental Implant Procedure with Advanced Technology

Taking the Guesswork Out of Implants

3D Printed Surgical Implant Guide

Imagecare offers patients a comprehensive digital 3D system for accurate and predictable implant treatment. Our computer guided implant treatment is ideal for replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth.

Plan for Predictability

When digital planning software is used with your CT scan to digitally place an implant, then a custom-made 3D printed surgical guide can be fabricated accurately. The surgical guide is then used to accurately place the implant(s). The result is a well-planned dental implant procedure that reflects the desired functional and esthetic outcome—making the treatment predictable for doctor and patient. This is very important as the position of the implant is critical to avoid anatomical structures such as nerves, the sinus cavities, under cuts and defects in the bone.

Guided surgery is also recommended when placing implants to replace front teeth (as position of implant is crucial to esthetic outcome), placing multiple implants to achieve proper spacing and parallelism of the implants.  In these critical situations why take the risk of complications when you can have peace of mind knowing that the implants are placed in the optimal position.

Benefits of Digitally Guided Surgery

  • More accurate placement of implant
  • Helps avoid damage to nerves, sinus cavities and neighboring teeth
  • Reduces pain associated with improper implant placement
  • Improves chances of successful integration of implant
  • Prevents your doctor to from having to “eyeball it” or line it up the best they can
  • Improves esthetic results
  • Allows for precise angulation control which is important when replacing multiple teeth
  • Allows for a safer and quicker surgery

Traditional Implant Surgery

  • OK for areas where there is plenty of bone and no concerns about nerve or sinus complications
  • Relies on hand/eye alignment of doctor
  • Not indicated in surgeries where esthetics, lack of bone, proximity of neighboring teeth or anatomical structures is a concern.
  • Decrease in success rates in the situations listed above
  • In difficult situations, lack of precision due to hand/eye alignment alone could result in damage to surrounding tissues, create need for additional bone grafting procedures other complications

“Tooth in a Day” with 3D Printed Guides

Crown, Abutment and Implant

For those who are a good candidate, the Tooth in a Day technique is available when using the digitally created 3D printed surgical guide.

The Tooth in a Day technique allows us to place the implant, abutment and temporary crown in the same visit.  This is a wonderful time saving option and will allow you to leave the office on the day of surgery with a tooth in place.  No more going without a tooth or wearing an uncomfortable temporary removable “Flipper”.

This technique allows for superior development and maintenance of proper soft tissue contours critical to natural esthetics.  Outstanding soft tissue healing can start immediately after implant surgery with a patient-specific abutment and temporary crown.

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