Experience Anxiety-Free Dental Procedures with Sedation Dentistry 

Make your next dental visit a pleasant, relaxed and worry-free experience.

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According to a top-ranked medical website, as many as one in two Americans either avoid going to the dentist or simply don’t go at all because of anxiety and fear.

Situations such as a bad dental experience in the past, fear of needles, strong gag reflex or even just the thought of being in the dental chair for a long procedure are some of the reasons the sedation dentistry might be right for you.


Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a term that refers to a group of techniques and methods designed to relax and eliminate anxiety for patients and to offer the best possible dental experience before, during and after treatment.

Many people report they were so relaxed that they don’t even remember the visit, almost as though they slept through it. For others, hours of dental work can feel like only a few minutes in the chair.

And their entire perception of going to the dentist changes…so they no longer put off making the appointments.

Through Sedation Dentistry, people find the courage, willingness and confidence to have the dental work they need or want, whether it’s routine or more extensive.

Types of Sedation

Click to learn more about the three most common types of Sedation.

Comparison of Sedation Types

Nitrous Oxide

(pill & nitrous)

IV Sedation

Chance of “waking up” or being alert during procedure You will be alert during procedure but feel woozy Yes No
Best Use Mild anxiety or fear; any length appointment Mild to moderate fear or anxiety; short to medium length appointments Moderate to severe fear or anxiety, medium to long length appointments
Medication Nitrous Oxide Only Halcion, or similar sedative drug, plus Nitrous Oxide IV administered medications
Monitoring BP, pulse, respiratory rate monitored by Dentist BP, pulse, respiratory rate monitored by Dentist Pulse oximetry, BP, pulse, respiratory rate monitored by Anesthesiologist
Effects on Gag Reflex None Reduction in gag reflex No gag reflex
Effects on memory of appointment None Moderate reduction of memory of appointment No memory of appointment
Six hour fasting food, no liquids 2hr prior to appointment No Yes Yes
Need adult responsible party for ride home and recovery No Yes Yes
Recovery period 20 minutes 6-8 hours 2-4 hours
Medically compromised patient Yes, depends on medical condition No Yes, Medical Doctor Anesthesia Certified present
Age restrictions All ages 18+ All ages determined by Anesthesiologist
Cost $ $$ $$$

Finding the Right Sedation Dentist

Everyone wants a dentist they can trust – but finding a dentist you trust is an especially sensitive issue for people who dread going in the first place.

The first place to look is at their credentials and certification.

Sedation Dentistry should only be performed by a dentist and staff specifically trained and certified in sedation treatments and procedures, with the appropriate in-patient monitoring equipment available in their office.

Your Plano Certified Sedation Dentist

Imagecare Dental in Plano, Texas, has the experience, education and certification to offer Sedation Dentistry to its patients with advanced credentials and training which includes:

  • Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry
  • Oral Sedation training at the prestigious Baylor College of Dentistry
  • Membership in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Level 1, 2 Enteral Sedation Certification
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

Our dental team has worked with thousands of patients who initially came to us filled with anxiety and dread – but left with a new confidence in themselves.

For those who avoid getting their teeth or smile fixed out of fear, sedation dentistry can provide the solution they are looking for.

Our sedation team will work with you to customize a perfect, anxiety-free experience.

Having gone to many dentists over the past 60 years or so, in many states, I vote Imagecare Dental as Number 1!!!!! They are usually on time, and the care they give you is personal and friendly. I also so pleased with their pain management style. I have had some problems and don’t like dental pain. They have ALWAYS done everything to make sure I am comfortable. LOVE DR THOMPSON !
Karen H.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Making your first appointment – This is difficult for many anxious people, so we try to make this as easy as possible. Call (972) 618-5000 to schedule your appointment today.
  • Welcoming visit – We gather information regarding your health and discuss with you your wants and desires. If you’re comfortable, we’ll take x-rays and look in your mouth. But you will never be judged or embarrassed.  We will create a customized treatment plan of your dental needs and go over costs associated with the dental treatment and Sedation
  • Preparing for your sedation visit – We’ll give you a prescription for a sedative to take the night before your first appointment to guarantee a good night’s sleep and to make sure you wake up relaxed.
  • Arriving for treatment – Your companion will bring you to the office. Additional medications will be provided to create the ultimate in relaxation. Your experienced sedation team will monitor you throughout your entire visit.
  • Going home with your new smile – Your companion will take you home and stay with you until you’re completely recovered from your sedation medication.
  • The next day – Most patients feel no residual effects from the sedation.  Be careful to follow all medication regimens and post operative instructions
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Imagecare Dental Group

At Imagecare Dental Group, we are uniquely equipped to handle all your dental needs in one location. Dr. Thompson is affiliated with several leading organizations:

  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • North Texas Dental Society
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists

For more information, schedule a consultation online or call (972) 618-5000.

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